Jalandhara Bandha

Take the chin four angulas below the neck, press it firmly against the chest and maintain this position. Benefits: Cleans all the nadis and cakras located in the following regions: the four big toes and fingers, the top of the heel, the knees, the thighs, the genitals, the navel, the chest, the neck, the midbrow, the head, and the brahmarandhram. Explanation: This bandha blocks the endings of the group of nadis through which the nectar dripping from the sky (dripping from the Moon in the brain) descends. “Jala” is the nectar of the brain, and “jalandhara” means the retention of this nectar. The more concentrated the essence of the brain, the better the power of memory. It also awakens the kundalini. Special effects: In jalandhara bandha, when our throat is perfectly contracted, the nectar does not descend into the fire (jatharagni, i.e. the Sun located in the stomach). In addition, abdominal bloating associated with gas formation is also eliminated. All three bandhas should be practiced in pranayama. After réchaka, perform jalandhara bandha, mula bandha and uddiyana bandha, while after puraka, perform mula bandha and jalandhara bandha without fail during pranayama.