What is Alchemy?

In Alchemy they talk a lot about how one can transform lead into gold. True Alchemy is not to transform lead into gold, but an inner Alchemy: how to transform one’s own sexual energy into spiritual energy. The medieval Alchemists knew this secret science. It was never taught publicly because of its tremendous power. No […]

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Tantra and the sex

Many people think that tantra equals sex. There’s nothing more far from this statement. Tantra is not sex. Sex is not tantra. However, we use the sexual energy as our basic creative power in tantra yoga exercises, in order to bring them up into our hearts and minds, so that we can experience as our

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Tantric speed date – april

Today in our high-tech-pandemic world everything went online and into the virtual reality, so people are starving for real connection, physical touch and depth in relationships. If you are fed up with the virtual dating realm, try something profound which will lead you to be more present and fully open your Heart, and be connected

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