Uddiyana bandha

When the middle part of the body is tightly stretched and the prana-vayu, which is the basis of life, moves in the form of a fine thread up the spinal column to the brahma-randhra (the center of the brain) in the susumna nadi, it is called uddyyana bandha. Draw in the navel in such a way as to press against the bones of the back (spine) with the abdomen firmly pulled in. Benefits: Those who practice this bandha every day according to the guru’s teaching will retain their youthful vigor even in old age. Explanation: Together with the navel, draw in the lower and upper part of the abdominal wall and press it tightly against the spine. When we practice this, do a deep rechaka (exhalation) in utkatasana and draw in the belly, then hold the breath for a while. It is like a lion to a drunken elephant, that is, he who executes it will not fear death. If you have a big belly, try to reduce belly fat by doing many asanas and then practice this. Such fat people should practice Paschimottanasana thoroughly. In addition, they need to develop a strong rechaka (exhalation). Special effects: “Those who regularly practice the uddiyana bandha, drawing the upper and lower abdomen tightly to touch the spine, will attain immortality.” Prana vayu will be directed towards the path of the susumna nadi and this will help the practitioner overcome death. Note: immortality here means reaching a high age and remaining young.