Tantra massage

What is tantra massage?

You will experience that a tantra massage session in the Tantra Temple is an initiation in which I transmit my own profound experience obtained through many years of tantric practice. Conscious, loving and sensual, erotic touch becomes a communication and passing on the blissful experience without words. 

Tantra is Inner Alchemy. 

Sexuality can be used on a very low, animalistic level to give you sexual pleasure and sense gratification or it can be for the Soul, to awaken who you really are, to connect you with your Divine Self. 

During tantra massage you can get a taster of what’s possible for you, if you choose it. I will be fully present with you. I use very soft erotic touches, strokes, sometimes along the meridians to awaken your sexual energies.

Alchemy is the chemistry of God. If both the man and the woman during lovemaking transmute their sexual energies, together they combine them and elevate it consciously, they can unite with the Great Spirit, their own Divinity.

A tantric massage session in the Tantra Temple has nothing to do with sex or intercourse, it’s a respectful, loving touch where I aim to awaken your sexual energies and transmute them to a higher level during the massage. Please note that there is no mutual touching. 

The main focus is to transmute and sublimate the sexual energy in your body so you can experience not only a profound Heart-opening, but elevated and extended sexual pleasure too.

I do both tanric lingam and yoni massage (for men and for women too).