Sacred Temple Awakening

Teachings of Mary Magdalene -2 days workshop

The Initiation of Sacred Temple Awakening (which is your body) is where we come into direct contact with the codes embedded within our bodies that open a gate to a more complete existence. As women, as human beings, they open us a gate to higher joy and ecstatic sexuality. This somatic, deep, slow process will free us of shame, guilt and awkwardness. Together, as a circle of women, we will learn to touch, ignite, sound, soothe, drop, soften, ease and heal, and this togetherness also heals the rivalry issue among women. Barriers that kept us from expressing our deepest feelings dissolve, we will be capable of being vulnerable, we soften, and as a result we will be able to connect tour our feminine essence on a deeper and purer level.

One of the last women to embody these teachings was Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ lover. She knew the ways of opening the body to the primal Source. She knew how to love with the whole of her body in ways that not only soothed the masculine; but also rebirthed him. This isn’t traditional massage but deep, slow touches in special positions, with blessings and prayers that awaken the codes mentioned earlier and remind us of the reason for being here. Layers will open up in us, women that the patriarchy has feared for a very long time, but the Sacred Masculine patiently longs and delights after. This long-awaited union of the inner and outer parts of us explodes every sense of duality, as we discover our pre-verbal awakening into a divine being and our own beauty.

1. We find places and spaces within your body that were holding onto sexual trauma, heartbroken memories and rejected parts of self.
2. It opens you to a larger field of belonging, love, trust, and healing.
3. It teaches you to let go. You are supported by your sisters to go deeper into re-birthing your sexuality.
4. It releases waves of ancestral sexual dysfunction, family secrets, taboo tendencies and shame.
5. It helps you to get rid of your masks and your masculine defense strategies.
6. You will stop playing games. There are 25 types of these, but you will choose love instead.
7. You will love your body and your whole being more.
8. You will discover the beauty and strength of your feminine existence.

I truly believe – this is what you have been waiting for…

Sacred Body Awakening is based on the oral teachings of Mary Magdalene.

2-day tantra workshop
December 9. 10am-6pm
December 10. 10am-6pm

Price: Female – £444
Male – £555

Next dates coming soon