About me

Hello beautiful Souls!

Thank you for your interest in tantra and in my path which led me to this beautiful tantric journey.

My tantric initiated name is Shakti, which is also the name of the Supreme Cosmic Feminine Energy, which is the creating, sustaining energy of the Universe.

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.

I completed my first massage course when I was 18 and I’ve been practicing massage since then. All throughout my career I’ve continued to expand my knowledge by continuing my studies and completed numerous massage therapy courses and have grown through education and practice.

Touch is very important for me and for every human being, even though most people are not aware of it.

Bodies like to be touched.

I first met with tantra about 2012 and straight after that I merged deeply into it, I moved into a tantra temple. I participated in tantra yoga classes, tantra workshops and learned meditation and breathing techniques during these times.

Later I traveled to India where I got initiated by a tantra yogi in a Shakti temple where he passed his knowledge only to a chosen few.

I’ve learned several pranic healing techniques, NLP coaching, different Access Consciousness body processes and Alchemy classes which my clients are also benefiting from.

Lately I’m very much into Shamanic practices and Sacred Medicine ceremonies.

During the tantra massage session I combine my massage knowledge with the knowledge of tantra and the other energetic modalities, and along with my intention I transmute and sublimate your own inner energy into your higher chakras so you might experience very intense energy in your body.

Courses I’ve done:

Swedish massage

Thai oil massage

Thai yoga massage

Yumeiho massage

Fascia massage

Tantra massage

NLP practitioner course

Jose Silva’s mind control course

Tibetan Reiki (New Method Prananadi)

Access Bars

Access Facelift

Access body class

Alchemy of the body by Greg Bryers

Transcendental meditation

Sacred Body Awakening

The Sedona letting go method

Taoist  Alchemy by grandmaster Mantak Chia

My teachers:

Gangaji, Papaji, Mooji, Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Bentinho Massaro, Osho, Mantak Chia, Alkimennin, Aimen Klimmeron, Anaiya Sophia, Neal Wecker, Joseph Kramer, Sylvia Szentesi, Esther Perel, Gabor Maté, Greg Bryers, Bank Szabolcs, Dalai Lama, Abraham Hicks, Richard Bandler, Hale Dwoskin, and the list goes on…