Tantra playground

Among all of the tantra programs, Tantra Playground is a very playful acquaintance evening full of movement, play, and laughter.  With flow, joy, love.  Tantra practices help you get into the present, experiencing a sense of lightness and liberation.  Surrender to the process, feel, touch, experience.  The games in the evening of tantra will help you connect even more deeply with your soul, who you really are.

What can I expect?
Paired and group tantra exercises, spontaneous, creative games with a strong emphasis on mutual attention, loving touch, and relaxation.  Among other things, there are confidence games, massage (clothes-on), dancing, energy and breathing exercises, awareness and improvisation techniques, presence exercises to help with spiritual connection.  An important rule is to fully respect each other’s boundaries during the program. This also means that you can say “no” to an exercise which is beyond your limits (OR boundaries).

This tantra evening is a playful spiritual program where great emphasis is placed on soul connection.  Through playful tantra exercises, you can learn a lot about yourself and your boundaries through loving connections with others.

Price: £55


November 24. Friday 6.30-10pm

Next dates coming soon

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